Chapter 1. Autumn: Autumn in Hot Spring

Ryoko  3

The next morning Ryoko came to their log house again and checked the data of grandmother's bed and her health condition. Ryoko was puzzled.
"Ma'am," she hesitated a little and spoke to grandmother.
"Would you please lie down on the bed again?"
She asked Tsubasa and his grandfather to leave the room. They began to worry about grandmother. Was she sick? Did she take too long a bath yesterday? Ryoko talked with grandmother for a while, and then asked them to come to the bedroom.
"We adjusted the bed to be like the one she uses in Tokyo; however, it seems that this one is causing a little pain to her lower back. I have taken the data while she lay on the bed. Would it be possible to keep a data log while she is sleeping tonight? With the data log, we can look for problems and change the bed as needed."
Tsubasa was surprised that they cared so much about the condition of their bed, since they would only be staying for one week. His grandmother made her decision.
"Yes, please keep the log. We came here to improve our health and physical conditions; please help us to do so."
Private data taken during sleep could be disclosed only with the concerned person's permission. Because IT enabled the automatic extraction of vital personal information, it was a basic rule that private information could be disclosed only with the permission of the concerned person.
Onboard the train bound for Tokyo, Tsubasa thought about how his grandparents had changed a little from what they were like in Tokyo. He knew that they would be all right because Ryoko was with them. She would be sending them back home in a week.

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