Chapter 2.Winter: Gifts

Yuri 1

It was after 10 pm when Tetsu and his party found Takashi and Ta-kun in the car. The scant glow of the rear light was the clue that guided them in the night. It was an easy task for Tetsu to move the car in the snow. The town's GPS was a great help to Tetsu and his party through the roundabout route in the Kanayama Pass where an avalanche had hit.

Tetsu skillfully changed Ta-kun's diaper and made milk with some hot water in a pot. Takashi thought Tetsu was a cool person and wished he could spend a few days in the snow with him. Tetsu conversed calmly with Kanalu by RUICA. He measured the conditions of the snow and the wind at that time.

It was around midnight when Ta-kun and Takashi returned to the town. The whole town was thrown into excitement. As Tetsu had already reported that Takashi did not intentionally take Ta-kun with him, no one accused him of abducting Ta-kun. Still, Yukio could not resist striking him in anger. He could not forgive his son, not only for taking Ta-kun with him, but also for driving the Kishigami's car without permission and for his suicide attempt. Takashi allowed his father to beat him without saying a word. It was painful for him to see his mother crying. It frustrated him to not be able to describe the things he had felt while out in the snow. He wanted to tell his parents that seeing his childhood photo evoked many memories, and brought him joy.
Takashi was afraid to see Mr. and Mrs. Kishigami. Mr. Kishigami's face was full of anger. Sitting next to Mrs. Kishigami who was then holding her baby, he looked sharply at Takashi. Takashi explained in a weak voice.
"I am very sorry. I drove the car without noticing that Ta-kun was inside. When the car crashed into the snow, I heard him crying and realized that he was there."
Mr. Kishigami said angrily, "Why didn't you contact us earlier?"
Takeshi said, "I did not know that I had my RUICA with me."
Mrs. Kishigami said, "Papa, it is over. The boy is probably exhausted."
She stopped her husband from accusing Takashi. She did not wish to see him interrogate the boy. She did not want to blame Takashi since her baby and her family's car were back. She wanted to put Ta-kun in bed.
"For goodness sake, do not come in our house again. Do not talk to Yuri either," Mr. Kishigami snapped at Takeshi. Takashi thought it was natural for Mr. Kishigami to get angry but he was very disappointed that he would no longer able to see Ta-kun and Yuri.

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