Chapter 3: Spring: Among Showers of Blossoms

on a Spring Festival day 2

IMAGE:illustration Ryoko finished performing the Jodo-mai. It was a beautiful performance. Oharu was moved with tears of joy. Ryoko in her costume rushed to her and took her to the waiting room. She wanted to share the joy with Oharu.
"Ryoko, well done. You are so beautiful. Congratulations."
Oharu talked to Ryoko gently. She regarded Ryoko as her grand daughter. She was so happy to be able to pass down her dance to the new generation.
"I am very grateful to live this long to see you." Oharu said to Ryoko. "
"Me too."Ryoko replied. "I cannot move my arms and legs but my heart is connected to yours." said Oharu. "Yes, I felt your passion and message while I was dancing." said Ryoko.
"Some how I felt I danced with you. Look!"Oharu said. It was true. She could move her fingers a little more smoothly than before, it was a big advancement.
"Oh, that is so wonderful, Oharu, from now you can go anywhere by yourself in electric wheelchair."
Ryoko shook Oharu's hands and rejoiced with her. Oharu squeezed Ryoko's hands. She was surprised at the strength in her hands because she thought Oharu could not recover and wondered if it was a miracle from the power of spring that had made Oharu strong.

IMAGE:illustration Oharu suddenly looked serious and said,
"Ryoko, I wish you happiness. You should be happier. " Ryoko was confused, she turned to her and wanted to respond but hesitated. Oharu continued,
"If you love someone, let the person know your feeling." Ryoko was a bit upset and lowered her head. Then she raised her head and said in a calm manner,
"Thank you for worrying about me. Oharu, but I prefer the way it is now." Oharu said "people can't stay young and beautiful." Ryoko looked far in the distance. There were cherry flowers on the hazy mountain.

"It's OK. I like him, but it has nothing to do with him." said Ryoko. Oharu wanted to continue, but Ryoko interrupted, "I love big trees, the wind blowing across the valley and the flowers that are washed by the morning dew, but I don't want to be loved by these natural creatures because I receive a lot of joy from them. Isn't it enough? His presence is enough for me." Oharu sighed a little and said, "I don't know about it. You are so pitiful." "This is fine with me." Ryoko tried to answer brightly.
"I am very happy to help him and to give a hand to achieve his dream. I have no intention to touch his life moreover,"
She hesitated for a moment and said in a small voice,"He won't stay here forever."

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