Slow Life in Ubiquitous Society


The "Slow Life in Ubiquitous Society" scenario was written as part of the "Research in Ubiquitous Information Societies based on trans-disciplinary sciences" (commonly called "Yaoyorozu Project") conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Universal Design Institute for Information Technology (UDIT Inc.) participated in the project as a member of the "Research related to lifestyle design in a ubiquitous information society."

The story is about a future society in a Japanese local town around 2010.The story is about how "Ubiquitous Society" should be developed from various aspects of families, communities, education and communication. It gives a picture of a lifestyle where people enjoy nature and live slow life with user-friendly technologies that support them. This is a heartwarming story about people living in such a community.

This was translated from a Japanese version published in August, 2005. In releasing the English translation, we would like to express profound gratitude to Midori Shoji, our translator, and Beth Katz, our editor. Their work together to create this English version, across many thousands of miles and 16 time zones, may be seen as an example of the bridging of cultures through appropriate technology that "Slow Life" envisions.

Chika Sekine

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