English » Translation of NCD report, "Over the Horizon"

In December 2006, the NCD posted the report of “Over the Horizon: Potential Impact of Emerging Trends in Information and Communication Technology on Disability Policy and Practice” on the web. UDIT Inc. fortunately received permission from Mr. Gregg Vanderheiden, who is the main author, and happily translated it into Japanese.
This report states the trends of AT and UD, and various forecasts according to the ICT evolution from both positive and negative point of view. It also gives us the idea of how we make the future ICT inclusive to diverse people, and what strategy we may have for making it true.
As U.S. Government is working on the revision of Section 508, it is a great material to understand the background and the trend for it.
Mr. Hajime Yamada at Toyo University cooperated with UDIT Inc. on this work, but UDIT Inc. is responsible for the translation.
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