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umegaki's photo Masahiro Umegaki
Area of Research: Accessibility Guideline, Assistive Technology and Universal Design.


1962: Born in Kyoto Prefecture
1982: Graduated in Electrical Engineering from the Tokyo Metropolican University.
2007: Obtained Master degree in Engineering at the graduate school of Electro-Communications (Denki Tushin Daigaku)


  • Universal Design process
  • Web accessibility
  • Assistive Technology
  • Cognitive psychology and human factors
  • Human-Computer interaction


  • Joined the WGs developed JIS X8341-3 and -4 as an editor
  • Worked for Assistive Technology company as an executive for 3 years
  • Developed software and equipments for people with disabilities


  • Vice-chair of JIS Web accessibility Guidelines WG (WG2).
  • Chair of JIS accessibility promotion and evaluation WG (WG3).
  • Telecominications accessibility guidelines (JIS X8341-4) WG.
  • And joining many social activities.


  • A part-time lecturer of Tokyo University of Technology, Kokugakuin University and Tokyo Woman's Christian University


  • Capability Survey of Japanese User Agents and Its Impact on Web Accessibility, Takayuki Watanabe and Masahiro Umegaki ,International Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Web Accessibility (W4A), 2006
  • CSUN2007 ICT Accessibility Standardization in Japan: JIS X 8341 and International Contribution (2007/3/22)


  • Fml Mailing List Management (Japanese)
  • An Introduction to a Personal Computer and the Internet for People with Disability and Thier Family (Japanese)
  • An introduction to Netscape Communicator4.03J (Japanese)
  • Many articles on magazines about the Internet and network technologies.