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Site Concerning UD in Japan

(The below sites are in Japanese)

*Kyoyohin Policy Committee
(The E&C Project has been an incorporated foundation since April 17, 1999. Their mission is to spread the concept of 'Kyoyohin.')
*E&C Project : Lecture by Mr. Yanagida, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
(An explanation of the development and principles of Universal Design in the U.S. can be found on this site.)
*From Barrier Free to Universal Design
(This is Akane Shimizu's homepage, filled with detailed information on Universal Design)
* Universal Design Forum
(UDF is an organization of corporate entities which advocate Universal Design. Chika Sekine of UDIT is a member of the Professional Committee.)
*Universal Design Consortium
(UDC is an organization that conducts research in Universal Design. They publish a quarterly, 'Universal Design.')

Sites Concerning Universal Design Outside of Japan

(The below sites are in English)

*Trace Research & Development
(Created by the father of assistive technology Gregg Vanderheiden. Contains information that has become the standard in Universal Design development.)
*CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media
(A forerunner in telecommunications and broadcasting accessibility, they are widely known for research in the field of captioning digital video.)
*The Center for Universal Design Home page
(This center was established by the father of UD,Ron Mace.)
*Adaptive Environment Center
(Lead by members such as Elaine Ostroff, AEC promotes UD Education in the U.S.)
*UD & C Online!
(This site contains Information concerning UD, as well as information from the International UD Forum of 1998 held in Long Island. The E&C '55 Project from Japan participated.)
*Welcome to the IDEA Center Website
(The Buffalo College homepage.)
*IDSA - Universal Design Special Interest Section
(The IDSA homepage contains information on UD)
*Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Home Page
(This is a group which establishes the specifications for Accessibility on the WWW. They are largely funded by the NSF)
* Royal College of Art , Design Age Project
(This a project lead by Roger Coleman that strives at creating designs that suit the elderly. They stress the importance of collaboration between students and senior citizens.)
*>The Design for Ageing Network
(A network or organizations working with design for the elderly in Europe)
*Helen Hamlyn Research Centre
(This laboratory which was established within the RCA strives to created designs for 'the future you.')

Information on UD and Web Accessibility

*W3C Homepage http://www.w3.org/
*WAI Homepage http://www.w3.org/WAI/
*'Web Contents Accessibility Guideline 1.0 ' (Japanese Translation of Guidelines by Mr. Ofuji of ZSPC)
*¢Web Content Accessibility Guideline 1.0£(Japanese translation by Yasutaka Kato) Specifications of the W3C.
*W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (Japanese translation by Mr. Ishikawa)
* Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Telecommunications Policy (2000.05.23)
(This page contains information regarding ' Supporting the Use of Telecommunications by the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities, Tasks and Policies for Ensuring Internet Accessibility')
* Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication, Telecommunications Policy (1999.05.28)
(This page contains information regarding 'Advocating the development of assistive technology for telecommunications and Internet Accessibility')
*Kokoro Web 'Accessible Web Design'
*'Barrier Free Web Design Guide' by Hiro http://www.din.or.jp/~hiro-/barrierfree/

*Web Site Checkers for Accessibility

* Bobby http://www.cast.org/bobby/
* IBM i-Checker http://www-6.ibm.com/jp/accessibility/webaccess/i-checker.html

*Sites Practicing Web Accessibility

*INPAKU Kumamoto
*Furusato Information Fukuoka http://www.fmw.or.jp

Sites Concerning Barrier Free Information

(The below sites are in Japanese)

*Kokoro Web
(This site is the electronic version of the 'Kokoro Resource Book,' edited by the Nakamura Laboratory of Kagawa University. The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry currently manages this site, which is a DB for assistive technology for persons with disabilities. It has received the 1999 Web Developers Award Silver Medal.)
*Cyberspace is A World for Universal Access
(This is the site of Eiichi Itou of the Kanagawa Rehabilitation Center. Mr. Itou studied at Stanford University's CSLI until March of 1999 and is currently residing in Japan)
*Pasobora Web
(Easy to understand explanation of creating Web Site from the point of view of persons with visual impairments as well as PC Volunteer information can be found on this site.)
*JD PC Volunteer Homepage
(The PC volunteer activities of the Japan Council on Disability is released on this site.)